100 Days of School

“I’ve had the best day!” exclaimed one excited ‘100 year old’ St Michael’s kindy student at 3:10pm on Friday 21 August. And he was not alone - one look at the happy kindy faces said it all!

Our kindy teachers were determined to celebrate this milestone with a memorable event, and what a memorable event it was: A day filled with learning fun! 

Kindy teachers and students were almost unrecognisable as they walked, [Correction: ambled, limped, hobbled…!] to class. There the children were engaged in numeracy and literacy activities involving 100. Following recess, further creative and energetic activities involving 100. Mr Buckman lit the BBQ [out of the icy wind!] and cooked over 100 sausages. After lunch, the children participated in additional activities before being photographed in the shape of 100.

Who would believe that 100 could be so exciting?!