Beginning in 1970, St Michael's Primary, Baulkham Hills has had a long history of dedicated priests, leaders, staff, parents and children committed to building a school that is vibrant and engaged.

St Michael's History

Established by the Sisters of Mercy , our school has a rich history filled with various celebrations, events and milestones. As a key school within the hills region, St Michael's developed into a 4-stream school in the late 1980s.

We are continuing to grow and change as we adapt to provide students with an engaging and stimulating learning experience. We are very proud of the St Michael's community we are today.

Year Key Events
Father Byrne met with the Sisters of Mercy and parents to commence a Parish School, this school would become St Michael's Primary School.
In January, 78 students commenced school in St Michael’s Boys Home. Later that year in September, Bishop Kelly MSC blessed and opened 5 classrooms and an administration block. The Mother's Club and P&F were also formed.
St Michael's became a 2-stream school. Additional buildings were also built this year to accommodate accelerated growth.
As a result of growth in the area, St Michael's became a 3-stream school.
In July, a new parish church was opened.
Further building development continued through the 1980's to cater for growth in the infants block. The Special Education Unit also commenced along with the Boys Choir.
In 1988, we celebrated our bicentennial year and planted a time capsule in the Rose Garden. Parish-based sacramental programs also started this year.
Late 1980s
With further growth in the area, St Michael's became a 4-stream school.
In 1990, the Mercy Sisters withdrew from running the school.
Dr Jennifer Fraser became the first lay Principal at St Michael's, we also held the 20th anniversary celebrations for our school.
1st Mini Olympics
Throughout the 1990s we launched our school mission statement, Father Byrne returned to Ireland, we held a Mad Hatters Tea Party, had a Hot Air Balloon visit and commenced walk-a-thons and sporting carnivals.

We also acknowledged the Year of Indigenous People with Mass on Oval with an Aboriginal Smoking Ceremony.
2000 2000 was an exciting year with the Sydney Olympics and Paralympics as well as the Catholic Jubilee celebrations.
The entire school participated in a concert at the Hills Centre. Father Michael O’Callaghan was also appointed as the Parish Priest.
The school song was written and launched, we also had our first village space for Mission Week.
We held our second school concert at the Hills Centre as well as the Aboriginal Artists in Residence.
2005 Development started for our Strategic Plan 2006-2010.
We commended a project to have air conditioning for the entire school, in December, we held our school Christmas concert.
We held our first Sport-a-thon. Later in the year we held a School Fete and completed our project to have the whole school fully air conditioned.
St Michael's hosted World Youth Day pilgrims, we also held another olympic-a-thon and introduced Crunch 'n' Sip break.
We performed in 'Wakakirri' National Performance and Visual Arts
Festival for the first time and received 2nd place in the Dance category.
We held another Walk-a-thon. In 2010, construction began to build new classroom blocks for Years 3 and 4 and a new school hall.

At the end of the year, we held our whole school Christmas concert in the new hall.
2011 We celebrated the 40th Anniversary of St Michael's, we also had the official opening and blessing of our new school hall.
Dr Jennifer Fraser retired as Principal after 21 years. Mrs Danuta Maka was appointed as the new Principal.

St Michael's History