Supporting Learning

At St Michael's Primary, pastoral care is integrated into everything that we do, ensuring that we are meeting the personal, social and academic needs of all students and staff.

The mental and emotional wellbeing of our students is a priority, as such, we have various programs in place to ensure that our students are receiving the care and support they need, including:

  • Individual Education Programs (IEPs) for children who have additional needs
  • a support services team which monitors and works with children with social, emotional, educational and behavioural needs
  • differentiated teaching that caters for students of all abilities
  • in-servicing of staff in the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in all aspects of curriculum delivery
  • support services for children who require additional assistance
  • transition programs for Year 6 students with specific needs transferring to Year 7
  • transition programs for Kindergarten children with specific needs
  • a leadership program – peer support training for all Year 6 students and the buddy program where Year 6 students are assigned a buddy in Kindergarten to mentor
  • learning support for students with special needs
  • anti-bullying – implementation of the Beyond Bullying program to prevent and cope with bullying
  • pastoral care – students and their families have access to counselling
  • Seasons For Growth program – focusing on grief management for those who lose a loved one

St Michael's is also proud to offer parents a safe and welcoming environment for their children and our rules, policies and procedures are all aimed at protecting our students. For example, our 'Stop and Drop' and 'Slow and Go' procedures which give safe directions for parents dropping off and picking up children.